Here’s a little mood music to listen to while reading this post. The sweet sensual sounds of Color Me Badd. It’s also the inspiration for the title.

Allow me to introduce you to the most terrifying symbol of our generation.

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Whether you’re texting someone you are interested in, someone you are friends with, a co-worker, a boss, a family member, anyone… the above image holds so much weight and meaning it’s absurd. If you don’t have an iPhone…welp, you’ve got bigger problems.

Technology and social media have made communication easier, but way more exhausting. See, even Drew Barrymore agrees.

If you are texting with someone you are interested in, it can be nerve-racking enough without the 3 dots. You used to send something and wait with anxiety for a response. Now, you not only wait for a response, but you have the ability to see if they are typing? “Holy shit, they’re actually responding. Why are they taking so long? Why am I watching 3 dots on my screen? Maybe my phone’s broken. I’ll have my other friend text me to make sure texts are coming through. Shit, my phones not broken. Holy shit the dots disappeared. It’s over they hate me. [2 minutes pass] Oh, they texted me! Whatever, I knew they would. Shutup.”

My old boss and I used to text. I once texted him asking if I could leave early for something (Probably a “doctors appointment” *cough cough* *air quotes*). The 3 dots kept appearing, disappearing, then reappearing. I just assumed I was being fired. As I was packing up my desk I finally got a text that said, “that’s fine.” It took you that long for a “that’s fine”?!? Such a poet.

Communication miscommunication seems to happen a lot. It makes everyone turn into a little stalker unintentionally. I don’t want to know when someone is typing, or when they’ve read my message. Just kidding, I totally do. But only because Apple and all these other companies have presented us with these technological advances. You think you’re real smart Genius Bar, don’t ya?

Phone calls, texts, gchat (the lifeblood of corporate America), email, Facebook messages, Facebook chat, Instagram likes/comments, Tweets, LinkedIn messaged and more. It’s exhausting. It’s awesome, but pretty ridiculous if you think about it. How did society function before all of these communication mediums? Beats me.

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