Who doesn’t love a good cliche? Live life to the fullest. We hear it plenty. I usually think something along the lines of “yea yea yea, ok I get it.” Well, a few weeks ago I took a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit my 2 grandmothers. It was shocking, depressing, wonderful, and a pretty big eye opener.

One Grandmother, Grandma Cynnie (Cynthia) is 87, all there mentally, but has steadily deteriorated physically since I last saw her. She walks with a cane, and one of her medications gives her difficulty breathing. Upon seeing me (mind you, for the first time in a while), she hysterically cried, which in turn caused me to cry hysterically get lots of dust in my eye. It’s upsetting to see someone completely “with it” mentally, but trapped and confined by their body slowly breaking down on them.

*Editors note: Cynnie hadn’t seen me since I lost about 35lbs of weight and about 10% body fat. She told me I had a “girlish figure” which she claimed was meant to be a compliment. Thanks Grandma!

My other Grandmother, Grandma Blanche, is 94, and has more of a social life than I do. She has a boyfriend, she sings in a choral group, she performs in a theatre group, she plays cards…SHE IS 94. However, she hears virtually nothing, and her memory is really bad. She will say the same thing, or tell the same story 3x in a 5 minute span.

I’m lucky to have 2 grandparents in my life still.

Both Cynnie and Blanche were married to the loves of their lives for 40+ years until they both passed away. We’re all gonna die. But, right now, at 28, it seems like “I know, I’ll deal with that BS later in life.” Then I started thinking, “shit, my parents are getting old.” That is really going to suck. So, I immediately called my parents and had a mushy conversation about how great they are and I just want to give them hugs and buy them #1 Mom/Dad shirts. Not really, but seeing “old people” and thinking about the fact that life really is pretty short, is a great motivator for doin’ some cool stuff while you’re here.

Go hug someone you love. Or a stranger, whatever.

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