There’s lots of stuff floatin’ around the Internet these days. Plenty of it sucks. But, every now and then some awesomeness appears. Here’s a few Internet morsels of goodness you might have missed.

1) This is straight out of an SVU or Dateline episode. Two 12-year old girls are terrorized via social media by a classmate, or so they think. Computer hacking, angry parents, Instagram subpoenas, and some good ol’ fashioned death threats. WARNING: This is long. Once you start you’re going to want to finish it and you will probably be pissed off at the end. Enjoy!

2) This is a goosebump inducing video from the geniuses over at Air Jordan. Whether you hate sports, hate the Yankees, or are just a hater in general, you gotta respect Derek Jeter. Him and Tim Duncan are probably the last of a dying breed in the world of big business sports. I emailed this to my die hard Yankee fan parents.

Response: “Gave me the chills. Mom cried.”


3) This one is near and dear to my heart, unfortunately. A few months ago, I switched from Comcast to ATT for cable/internet. Why? Lots of reasons, but I don’t feel like getting emotional so I’ll save the bulk of that for another day. When I finally cancelled my service, my room mate at the time returned the equipment, we paid our final bill and said hello to U-Verse. Being my stereotypical Jewish mother’s son, I checked my Comcast account about a month later just to make sure no funny biznass was going on. To my surprise, my account was active, with a big fat bill of over $200. I called Comcast thinking this would be easy to fix. A teeny misunderstanding, no biggie. The convo went something like this.

Me: Explanation of what’s going on.

Comcast: Yes, your account is still active. We see on the account that ALL equipment was returned on {DATE}. But you never called to say you wanted to actually cancel service.

Me: How can I have any service if I don’t have any of your equipment which you can see was returned on {DATE}.

Comcast: *This was my favorite line* How are we supposed to know you want to cancel service.


***LONG story short. After me refusing to pay and 3 people or so claiming there was absolutely nothing they could do,  I was transferred to someone at corporate who took the charge off in about 30 seconds and apologized for the inconvenience.

This man make a simple phone call, attempting to cancel his Comcast account. He deserves some sort of medal of valor for keeping his cool. My blood boils for him. Enjoy.

4) This is the most O.G. baby alive.

So, now you have 4 email-forwarding worthy pieces of Internet gold to annoy friends/co-workers with so they think you are “cool” and well versed in pop culture. You’re welcome.

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