If there is one central thesis or thought I have learned the last 18-months or so it is this. Whether we’re talking about life, love, work, sports, whatever… TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

I came across this article by Mark Manson about a year ago and although saying it changed my life might be a stretch…it’s pretty close. Certainly changed my perspective on stuff. It helps solve the grey areas of life, love, work, etc.


Now, while I agree with about 99% of Mark’s article, we’re all human, grey exists. Whether you choose to remove yourself from the grey area is up to you..but, regardless, it exists. What I’ve come to find is that the grey area exists in large part due to timing.

love-sucks-lets-cuddle-tank-top-pinkIn regards to love: Dating is tough. The idea of combining your life with someone else and making it work seems virtually impossible sometimes. Think about the timing it takes for that to work. First off, you both have to be in a position to date. Everyone comes with baggage, you never know what they are holding onto, or what they have been through in their life. You meet someone, you are ready to date them, but they want to keep it casual. Welp, peace out. Also, think of the sheer fact, in terms of timing, of you meeting your “soulmate.” It’s ridiculous. Met your husband/wife at the grocery store? What if you chose to go to Whole Foods instead of Publix that day? What if you looked for a better parking spot for an extra 5 minutes. What if an ex bf/gf comes back into the picture? You can’t really compete with history…

Thankfully, with social media, you can completely stalk your potential mate to get some sort of idea of what you’re getting into. Thanks Zuckerberg!

In regards to life: Life is pretty tough. Like, really tough sometimes. Timing rears its ugly head in things like where you want to live, is now a good time to move, is now a good time to make a big purchase, like a house, or a car. I’m not Dr. Phil, but 99.9% of the time it’s not going to be the perfect time for big life stuff.

In regards to work: Ugh. Work is REALLLLLLLY tough. A lot of people think I live the life because I work from home and essentially have no boss. Yea, that part is cool. The whole financial aspect is terrifying. At my old job, that I was miserable at, regardless of the amount of work I performed, I was guaranteed my salary. Nowadays, my salary fluctuates every single month. I gain clients, I lose


clients, I have really good months, and I have awful months where I debate panhandling outside my apt. Was it the perfect time to quit my full time job when I did? In the words of Mark Manson, EFF NO! Was it maybe, kinda sorta, a good time to quit. EFF YES!

If you can absorb the F Yes, F No mindset, and take into account that timing is a real bitch, then you’ll probably feel a lot better about stuff. You might even say something along the lines of “oh, man, that situation was my fault at all, and had nothing to do with me…timing just really sucked.” You could also very well say something along the lines of “this guy is an idiot, who does he think he is” also. That’s fine too.

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